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The general mission of the Ministry of Justice / Office of the Attorney General shall be to organise and to oversee the promotion of the rule of law and justice for all. Specifically, the Ministry of Justice / Office of the Attorney General shall be responsible for:   Read More

Minister Of Justice

Busingye Johnston, Minister of Justice/Attorney General

Born 1962, Busingye Johnston holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from Makerere University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, Kampala/Uganda. His other training includes a Certificate in Managing Political and Economic Reforms from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a Certificate in Leadership and Executive Skills from the William Davidson Institute, Michigan University.

Prior to 1994 he served in Uganda Airlines. From July 1994 he served as Rwanda’s Director of Airports, National Prosecutor, Member Law Reform Commission, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, President of the High Court and Principal Judge of the East African Court of Justice. He served the last year of his tenure at the Court as the first resident Principal Judge.

The office of the Minister/Attorney General comprises:

- Minister/Attorney General (1)

- Advisor to the Minister (1)

- Public Seal and Quality Assurance Specialist(2)

- Inspectors (3)

- Administrative Assistant (1)


- Internal Auditor (1)