The general mission of the Ministry of Justice/Office of the Attorney General is to organize and to oversee the promotion of the rule of law, law enforcement and justice for all. Specifically, the Ministry of Justice/Office of the Attorney General is responsible for:  Read More

Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

RUBANGO K. Epimaque


Names:   BUSINGYE Johnston

Position: Minister of Justice/Attorney General

E-mail:    jbusingye@gov.rw



Names:   UWIZEYIMANA Evode

Position: Minister of State in charge of Constitutional and Legal Affairs

E-mail:    evode.uwizeyimana@minijust.gov.rw

Tel: +250 788308933

Names:   KALIHANGABO Isabelle

Position: Permanent Secretary/ Solicitor General

E-mail:     isabelle.kalihangabo@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788307919



Names:   MBONERA Theophile

Position: Head of Legal Services Department

E-mail:     theophile.mbonera@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788689374



Names:   YANKURIJE Odette

Position: Head of Access to Justice Services Department

E-mail:     odette.yankurije@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 738660288



Names:   HABYARA Costa Joseph

Position: Director General of Law Enforcement

E-mail:    joseph.costa@minijust.gov.rw

Tel:        +250 788308010



Names:   TWAHIRWA Gervais

Position: Director General / Corporate Services

E-mail:    gervais.twahirwa@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788303383 / 738303383



Names:   NABAHIRE Anastase

Position: Justice Sector Secretariat Coordinator

E-mail:     anastase.nabahire@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 78835556



Names:   NTWALI Emile

Position: Division Manager/ Legal Advisory Service

E-mail:   emile.ntwali@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788486208




Names:   KABIBI Speciose

Position: Division Manager/Civil Litigation Services

E-mail:    speciose.kabibi@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 738842446



Names:   URUJENI Martine

Position: Division Manager/Community Justice

E-mail:    martine.urujeni@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:        +250 788407311



Names:   MUCYO Raїssa

Position: Advisor to the Minister/Attorney General

E-mail:    raissa.mucyo@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 733635265



Names:   MUTAGOMA Damas

Position: A.g Advisor to the Minister of State

E-mail:   damas.mutagoma@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:      +250 738307517



Names    NZARAMYIMANA Alphonse

Position: Director of Human Resource

E-mail:   alphonse.nzaramyimana@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788768161



Names:   KANKINDI Dorothee

Position: Director of Finance

E-mail:    dorothee.kankindi@minijust.gov.rw

Tel:        +250 88441873



Names:   NTAMBARA Tom

Position: Director of ICT Unit

E-mail:    tom.ntambara@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788894624



Names:   MURERWA Christine

Position: Director of Public Legal Aid Services Unit

E-mail:    christine.murerwa@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:       +250 788456429



Names:   MUGABO Frank

Position: Director of  Access to Justice Coordination Unit

E-mail:   frank.mugabo@minijust.gov.rw

Mob:      +250 788579394



Names:  MUHIRE Yves

Position:Director of Abandoned Property Management Unit

E-mail:  yves.muhire@minijust.gov.rw 

Mob:     +250788480056