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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

27.05.2015 16:46 Age: 2 yrs

There is no good governance without quality justice

The legal aid week was officially launched on Monday the 25th May 2015  in Nyamagabe District, Gasaka  sector,  Southern Province, by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. The above mentioned legal aid week was organized by the Ministry of Justice, Legal Aid Forum and other various institutions. It will focus on judgment execution of property related Gacaca cases.

In his opening remarks, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, BUSINGYE Johnston told the participants that while the whole world was puzzled by 1994 Genocide consequences and how Rwanda will handle them, Rwandans were busy thinking and they finally found their own solution which was Gacaca courts.

“Some people were counting 100 years for genocides cases to be handled, others were saying that it will not be possible for Rwanda to handle Genocide related cases. However, they were mistaken and due to the fact that genocide destroyed a lot, it became our history  and we had to own everything to be able to find solutions for consequences thereof” Minisiter BUSINGYE Johnston

Minister of Justice and Attorney General reminded the participants that Gacaca Courts helped Rwandans a lot including truth telling about what really happened in 1994, speeding up cases, reinforcing unity and Reconciliation among Rwandans and above all, Gacaca courts taught us to find solutions within ourselves. “Currently we are not living due to foreigners’ support but due to our strengths to find solutions within ourselves” BUSINGYE Johnston added.

Talking about the legal aid week itself, Minister of Justice and Attorney General emphasized that in order to deliver quality justice, the Government will execute all property related Gacaca cases and therefore those who won cases will get what they won.

“We would not have good governance if we don’t deliver quality justice and if we do not pay citizens what they won in court cases, the primary peace of heart is getting justice that one deserves. Being that there are still people who have not yet been paid what they won during Gacaca courts, is an obstacle to the Country’s security and to Rwandans unity and reconciliation” Minister BUSINGYE Johnston emphasized.

The official launch of legal aid week for the execution of property related cases handled by Gacaca courts took place in Nyamagabe District and was marked by voluntary payment to the winning families as well as asks for forgiveness. Minister BUSINGYE Johnston helped a citizen to pay and promised to support another person to be able to fully pay the debt.  It is planned that on Tuesday Minister of Justice and Attorney General will visit Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts, with the aim of visiting citizens and tell them about Justice policy .

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