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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

18.01.2017 17:25 Age: 209 days

Minister of Justice/Attorney General presided over the swearing in ceremony of Bailiffs and Notaries

On Wednesday the 18th January 2017, Minister of Justice and Attorney General presided over the swearing in ceremony of Bailiffs and Notaries. The event took place in Supreme Court meeting room and brought together over 70 Bailiffs and Notaries.

While addressing the audience, Minister Busingye requested Bailiffs to do their work professionally, deliver good services and respect the oath that they have taken because judgment execution is the culmination of justice delivery process.  “I request you to value the oath that you have just taken and remember that judgement execution equals to giving justice and implementation of laws” Minister Busingye added.

Minister of Justice/Attorney General informed them that proper judgment execution lead to citizens’ development as they do not have to  report  to courts all the time rather use their time to work for their families. “There is no good governance while there are legally known court cases which are not yet executed” Minister Busingye added.  He especially warned  Non Professional Bailiffs  to refrain from receiving  any amount  of money from  citizens  so that  judgment execution can be performed, because  that is corruption which destroys good service delivery. 

 He requested all those who have sweared in to show Rwandan values, honesty, integrity and avoid any other bad habit that destroys justice image.

Currently,  there are about 3027 bailiffs  including 400 Professional Bailiffs;  2627 Non Professional Bailiffs ( 30 District Executive Secretaries,  416  Sector  Executive Secretaries,  2.147 Cell Executive Secretaries,  3  from the Ministry of Justice,  1 from the office of Ombudsman and 30 MAJ staff).

With regards to Notaries, there are about 910 (832 Sector level, 60 at the District level,  3 from the Ministry of Justice, 2 from Rwanda Governance Board, 2 from Rwanda Development Board, 10 in different land center zones  and    one (1) Land Registrar.

Click here to read the full speech of Minister of Justice/Attorney General during the event.

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