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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

11.03.2017 15:34 Age: 158 days

"Rwanda: An African Exemplary Country in the delivery of the Justice Service" Minister Mamadou I. Konate


From March 5th to March 9th 2017, Malian Minister of Justice and Human Rights Me Mamadou Ismaila Konate visited Rwanda following the invitation of his Rwandan counterpart Busingye Johnston. The purpose of the visit was to visit Justice Sector institutions and projects, to see how they work and witness how Rwandan Justice Sector has developed after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Accompanied by the Minister of State in Charge of Constitutional and Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Justice Me Uwizeyimana Evode, they visited Isange One Stop Centre which deals with helping Gender Based Violence victims. He appreciated what the centre deals with and committed to introduce it back home.

After the visit at Isange One Stop Centre, Minister Mamadou visited Rwanda Forensic Laboratory which collect and examine facts to be used in court investigation; this laboratory will serve African countries. “Due to the high technology which will be used in the Laboratory, Africans will no longer need to go miles in order to get forensic services for court use”. Said Minister Mamadou.

Malian Minister of Justice and Human Rights continued his visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial site where he laid wrath of flowers on the graves of Tutsi massacred during 1994 Genocide. Minister was saddened by barbaric killings done by Rwandans on Rwandans who shared everything at the moment. However, he congratulated Rwandans on the quick recovery and development after genocide.  “I came to see how Rwandans recovered from genocide effects. Mali also went through mass killing but it is different from Rwanda’s case.

During his 5 days visit in Rwanda he also visited the Institutte of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) and Nyanza Prison known as Mpanga Prison in Southern Province. Me Mamadou thank Rwanda Leadership for the step forward in promoting human rights especially Prisoners.  He further continued and said that Africa has a lot to learn from Rwanda especially in justice services delivery and promoting human rights.

Minister Mamadou visited the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, Supreme Court, Ombudsman Office, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic where Minister Mamadou and Minister Busingye opened the 8th Women Police Convention.

The Malian Minister of Justice and Human Rights study visit was concluded in the Ministry of Justice on 9th March 2017 where he had a meeting with Rwandan Minister of Justice and Attorney General Busingye Johnston, State Minister in charge of Constitutional and Legal Affairs Uwizeyimana Evode and Rwanda Ambassador in Mali Dr Harebamungu Mathias. Minister Busingye said that they have agreed on cooperation and collaboration mechanisms in justice, sharing of information, trainings, exchanging visits aiming at improving Justice Sector and the Memorandum of understanding document is being drafted.

While talking to the media, Me Mamadou said that it is the 3rd time he visits Rwanda and that he was aware that he would come to learn from Rwanda. “Rwanda has achieved a lot, wherever I visited I learnt something, you have reached a higher milestone in justice related issues in all justice sector institutions. I was very inspired by your achievements and hence I will implement them back home”. Minister Mamadou said



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