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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

25.03.2017 18:12 Age: 144 days

The Legal Aid Week officially launched on 25 March 2017

The Ministry of Justice in collaboration with other Justice Sector Institutions, Ministry of Local Government and Legal Aid Forum organised for the 8th time the  Legal Aid Week  which started on the 25th to be closed on Friday the 31st March 2017. This year’s  theme is: « To get justice is your right,  do your best to get your rights ».

The official launching event took place  in Gatsibo District, Kiramuruzi Sector, after the monthly community work  in which the Ministry of Justice staff, Leaders of Justice Sector institutions, the Governor of Eastern Province joined  Gatsibo residents in community work to clean the road in Kiramuruzi  Sector.

During the launch event, 4 Families  whose property were destroyed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi forgave 103 people who were convicted by Gacaca Courts for destroying properties during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. Some other families paid back  for properties destroyed during Genocide.

While launching the Legal Aid Week, Minister of Justice  and Attorney General, Busingye Johnston requested citizens to make an effort to be aware of the laws that they use the most because it will help them to get justice. « People should not get tired of not getting justice because they don’t know laws, that is why  we join rural population to teach them  about the laws that they use the most in their daily lives » Minister Busingye added.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General further requested citizens to fight any kind of violence  and drug trade. «All of us should  take part in  correcting  the person who takes drugs, who trades them, who does not provide news about drugs because it is not easy to live with  drug damaged brain people». Minister of Justice added.

He further reminded citizens  to respect  Abunzi decisions  and  reinforce the culture of living in harmony  because conflicts lead them nowhere.

During the 10th anniverssary of Abunzi in 2014. His Excellency The President of the Republic of Rwanda promised to support them  with transport means to help them in their responsibilities. It is in this regards that Abunzi accross the country  are getting  bicycles  to ease their transport issue. This activity was officially launched by the Minister of Justice/Attorney General after launching the Legal Aid week. He handed over bicycles to Abunzi  from Kiramuruzi, Kiziguro and Murambi Sectors to help them in their responsibilities.

While talking to the media, Minister Busingye said that the Legal Aid Week  is  a week that brings together all Justice sector institutions in order to deliver justice to vulnerable people. « This week has  achieved a lot since it started in 2009.  It allows us to be closer to the most vulnerable citizens and give them proximity justice. We do a lot of work to help those who have justice related issues  and handle them».

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