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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

01.04.2017 14:56 Age: 137 days

“As Rwandans we should have the conscience of resolving our own issues” Uwizeyimana Evode

On Wednesday 31st March 2017, the State Minister in charge of constitution and legal affairs Uwizeyimana Evode together with the Mayor of Huye District visited citizens of Bwishyura Sector, Huye District in Western Province in the context of annual Legal Aid Week.

Uwizeyimana Evode requested citizens to have the conscience of resolving their own issues. “We as Rwandans should have the conscience of resolving our own issues, blame those who deserve the blame, those who ask for forgiveness should do so and those who are supposed to forgive them should do so in line with unity of Rwandans”. Minister of State added. He further requested those who are supposed to pay for destroyed properties during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi to opt for peaceful judgment execution as the Country without Justice is not secured.  

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Justice clarified on human trafficking crimes and warned citizens not to be involved.  “You should be aware of the tricks used by people who approach you saying that they will give you a good job, giving you or your children schools etc… please share such information timely with security organs”. Minister of State requested.

Citizens were also informed about drugs issue whereby they were requested to be aware and share timely information to the security organs. “Concerning drugs issue, I request the ownership and action of every one. We want well behaved citizens, citizens who work closely with security organs, citizens who share timely information on issued that might affect security.” Uwizeyimana Evode added.

The Legal Aid Week started on the 25th and closed on 31st March 2017. Various Justice related activities were carried out during the week including legal representation in courts for Minors, Pregnant women,  Female inmates with babies, inmates with complicated illnesses, legal advices  for other prisoners, legal education to citizens, Gacaca cases judgment execution.

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