08.06.2017 15:03 Age: 261 days

The Justice Sector achieved a lot during this ending year 2016/2017

The Justice Sector Forward Looking Joint Sector Review (FLJSR) meeting which brings together the chief budget managers of Justice Sector institutions as well as Development partners, Civil Society Organisations was held on June 7th 2017 at Hotel Lemigo. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the sector priorities for the financial year 2017/2018 and to assess sector achievements during 2016/2017.

Participants to this meeting exchanged about sector planned priorities and their related budget, as well as the overall outcome on the completion of these priorities.

The Permanent Secretary and Solicitor General in the Ministry of Justice, Mrs. Kalihangabo Isabelle who was the chairperson of the meeting said that the Justice Sector has achieved a lot compared to the planned activities during the current financial year. “In the current financial year, most of the planned activities were carried out at high rate except some few which were not carried out or they are still ongoing. We believe that during next year, all remaining activities will be achieved and new ones will be embarked on without hindrances” Mrs. Isabelle said.

Among the activities which were not carried out as cited by Mrs. Kalihangabo, there is a study on the impact of Rwandan laws. “This study was not done due to the fact that there was no suitable bidder during procurement process which was done more than twice”. She added that the Justice Sector put in place strategies to avoid delays on all other planned activities but which were not carried out in order to avoid further delays”. Mrs. Isabelle explained.

The Permanent Secretary /Solicitor General Kalihangabo further talked about asset recovery process, corruption and other financial crimes  where she emphasised that the Government will never stop tracking and punishing such crimes.  “Whoever is convicted of embezzlement, stealing public funds in Rwanda will never be tolerated” She emphasised.

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