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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa

24.06.2017 15:52 Age: 31 days

Minister Busingye Johnston visited Karongi District Mediators

On Thursday the June the 22nd 2017, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Busingye Johnston visited Mediators of Karongi District with the aim of discussing and exchanging ideas on how to improve service delivery in their daily duties of mediating Rwandans.

During the meeting with Mediators, Minister Busingye Johnston thank them for their devotion, courage, integrity and values exercised during their work of peaceful mediation. “I always thank you for devotion, courage, integrity and values that you exercise in your work of mediating those who have conflicts. Your achievements are very pleasing, for instance in only one quarter, you handled 91.2% cases while 1.9% were forwarded to courts and 6.9% of cases were still being analysed. This is really a great achievement” Minister Busingye applauded.

However, there is always a room for improvement! Minister Busingye blamed some Mediators who do not show integrity in their work. “There are some issues among Mediators originating from incompetent way of working, corruption, giving slow service to citizens, not issuing copies of judgement for a case, analyzing a case which is out of their competencies etc. All these lead to poor working style which should not characterise a Mediator and does not belong in Mediators’ values.  This destroys the image of Mediators, who have already built their image and are currently trusted by Rwandans.  I would like to request you to avoid whatever may cause you to lose your values and the integrity that you were voted for”. Minister Busingye highlighted.

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