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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa


Mediation Committee

The Mediation Committee is an organ responsible for providing mediation services as a prerequisite for parties to bring an action before competent courts in matters provided for in provided for in competence of mediation committee.

Mediators shall serve on a volunteer and non-remunerated basis.

The Mediation Committee at the Cell and Sector level comprises seven (7) residents of the Cell and the Sector respectively, who are persons of integrity and well -known for their mediation skills. Members of the Mediation Committee shall be elected by the Cell and Sector’s Council respectively, from among non -members of staff of local administrative entities or judicial organs. They shall be elected for a renewable term of office of five (5) years.

At least thirty percent (30%) of members of the Mediation Committee must be females.”

For more information about Abunzi, read  law N0 37/2016 of 08/09/2016 determining Organisation, Juridiction, Competence and Functioning an Abunzi committee.