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Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa


Frequently Asked Questions

How can one get a Criminal Record Statement?

To get a Criminal Record Statement, you must go through the following steps:
1. Pay 1200 Rwf to Rwanda Revenue Authority and keep the proof of payment
2. Prepare 2 recent passport photos (not older than 3 months)
3. Prepare a photocopy of your ID/Passport
4. Fill the form prepared by the NPPA/Criminal Record Service
5. Give to the NPPA/Criminal Record Service the RRA Receipt, photos, ID photocoypy and the filled form 5. Come back after 3 hours and your Criminal Record statement will be ready

How can one get the Rwandese Nationality?

If you need a rwandese nationality, you must :
1.one of your parent must be rwandese;
2. You have born in Rwanda;
3. You have married with a rwandese;
4. Any other reason ( if you are completely foreign).

For more information : Consult Official Gazette N1 of the 1th jan 2005

how to get name change

The requirements: 
1.Submit a letter requesting changing name and adressed to the Minister of Justice/Attorney Geeral
specify the resons why you need to change neme
2. Submit a criminal record

How to access the library?

- you need to have an identity card or a student card

Where are the MAJ based?

The Access to Justice Bureaus (MAJ) have offices at the district headquarters allover the Country.

Which is the best way to get in contact with your office?

Through the email form found in the website