The general mission of the Ministry of Justice/Office of the Attorney General is to organize and to oversee the promotion of the rule of law, law enforcement and justice for all. Specifically, the Ministry of Justice/Office of the Attorney General is responsible for:  Read More

Abakozi b'Indashyikirwa


MAJ Coordinators in Eastern Province

KAYONZA 1 UMULISA Chantal MAJ Coordinator 0788840767 Building of CFJ Kayonza
  2 MUGEMA NA Jean MAJ Assistant/ JE 0783345413 Building of CFJ Kayonza
  3 UWISONI Laure Immaculée MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788770726 Building of CFJ Kayonza
RWAMAGANA 1 BAKAYI OMBE Angélique MAJ Coordinator 0788532863 Building of the Eastern Province
  2 AKIMPAYE Antoinette MAJ Assistant/ JE 0783040132/ 0722605603 Building of the Eastern Province
  3 BATAMURI ZA Peace MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788753582 Building of the Eastern Province
NYAGATARE 1 RWAMU KWAYA Evariste MAJ Coordinator 0788888505/ 0735576195 Building of PDRCIU
  2 MIREMBE Mary MAJ Assistant/ JE 0788891188 Building of PDRCIU
  3 MUNYANE ZA Charles MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788616145/ 0738616145 Building of PDRCIU
NGOMA 1 HABIYARE MYE Jean Hubert MAJ Coordinator 0788766355 Building of TGI NGOMA
  2 NSHUTI Desire MAJ Assistant/ JE 0788593424/ 0738593424 Building of TGI NGOMA
  3 NDOLI Mediatrice MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788442612/ 0738442612 Building of TGI NGOMA
GATSIBO 1 NDABAGO YE M. Emile MAJ Coordinator 0738543509 Building of GATSIBO District
  2 NYIRANSH UTI Xavérine MAJ Assistant/ JE 0788792150 Building of GATSIBO District
  3 UWANTE GE Emerthe MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788582929 Building of GATSIBO District
KIREHE 1 KABALISA Fulgence MAJ Coordinator 0788671760 Building of KIREHE District
  2 MUHIRWA Vincent MAJ Assistant/ JE 0785082272/ 0732082272 Building of KIREHE District
  3 KABATESI Marie Louise MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788427721 Building of KIREHE District
BUGESERA 1 MUKABISA NANA Yvette MAJ Coordinator 0788676512 Building of BUGESERA District
  2 KALISA KEVIN Alphonse MAJ Assistant/ JE 0788442042 Building of BUGESERA District
  3 MUTUYIMA NA Florentine MAJ Assistant/ GBV 0788762466 Building of BUGESERA District